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NeoPhore ha aggiunto ulteriori £9,6m al Round di finanziamento di serie B arrivando ad un totale di £31,1m

NeoPhore, società attiva nello sviluppo di farmaci in campo immuno-oncologico, fondata da Alberto Bardelli, docente del Dipartimento di Oncologia dell’Università di Torino, ha comunicato oggi la chiusura di un ulteriore finanziamento da £9,6m (circa $12,2m).

Ai precedenti finanziatori (CPF managed by Sixth Element Capital, Claris Ventures, Astellas Venture Management, 3B Future Health Fund, 2investAG) si sono ora aggiunti tre nuovi investitori: Neva SGR (il VC del gruppo Intesa Sanpaolo), LIFTT (società italiana di venture capital focalizzata negli investimenti deep-tech di cui Stefano Buono è Presidente) e Simon Fiduciaria (appartenente al Gruppo Ersel).

Il capitale raccolto sale così a £31,1m.

“NeoPhore has made excellent progress throughout 2023. With the support of our committed and new investors, along with our research collaborations with academic institutions that are in place, we remain on track to deliver a candidate drug for our lead PMS2 program by early 2025” è il commento di Dr. Matthew Baker, CEO di NeoPhore.

Il Dr. Robert James, Presidente di NeoPhore, ha dichiarato: “Over the past years NeoPhore has made tremendous strides in showing that it is possible to target the MMR pathway with small molecule inhibitors. The recent data the Company has generated and presented at an international conference leads us to believe that NeoPhore’s approach may be profoundly important. We are pleased to welcome three new Italian-based investors to our syndicate as well as further funding from existing investors. Their commitment reflects the potential value of NeoPhore’s approach that exploits the dynamics of cancer neoantigen evolution, through the discovery and design of effective, well-tolerated medicines that will become a key part of the next-generation of cancer immunotherapies. We are very excited about the next stage in the life of the Company”.




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